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Garden State Water Heaters: Edgewater's Water Heater Company

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Garden State Water Heaters is the trusted name to call when you need high-quality Edgewater water heater service. It's important to us to be among the top options for a water heater company because we care about offering the best possible customer experience.

That means both skilled workmanship and personalized client care. Don't settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your Edgewater home or business.

Picking a Water Heater for Your Edgewater Home

You've got options available to you such as electric, gas, or even choosing a boiler for your Edgewater home or business. However, for most people, it comes down to deciding between tankless or tank storage water heaters.

  • For many people, it's the sticker shock of the initial cost that throws people off. It's true that traditional water heaters cost less upfront, but you will see savings on your monthly energy bills which balances things out.
  • Simply put, it's nice to have instant access to hot water. Waiting for the water to get warm enough to take a shower is a huge waste of time and water. This is much more convenient and comfortable.
  • You also no longer have to worry about your tank springing a leak and flooding your basement. Aside from being a messy inconvenience, having a tank burst can damage property and cause injury.
  • Even though the cost is higher, you also get a longer lifespan in return. A tankless system lasts up to 10 years longer than a standard system.

The good news is that you don't have to feel pressured to make the decision alone. Our pros will help you make the right choice when the time comes.

We like to educate our customers so they make selections they'll feel good about, for years to come. If you would like to get started with your Edgewater water heater project, or even just ask some questions, get in touch with us today.

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If you are looking for expert water heater service and installation in Edgewater, then please call us at 973-434-4100 or complete our online request form.