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Residential Water Heater Services


Trust is something that's earned and here at Garden State Water Heaters, the first step we take is building this with our clients. When you contact us, you expect to get high-quality water heater service from a New Jersey expert.

Not only that, you expect it to be an affordable price. When we promise to deliver just that, you can take our word that we mean it.

Your comfort is our priority but that's not always the case with other choices for a water heater company.

Quality Matters When it Comes to Your Water Heater

As a residential water heater installation specialist, we feel it is our job to help educate you. We want you to be able to maintain your water heater, for as long as possible, while still getting exceptional performance.

  • As basic as it sounds, it is important that you know where your water heater is located, and that you have easy access to it. Don't wait for an emergency to occur to waste time looking for the whereabouts or trying to clear a path.
  • Get regular tune-up work and flush the tank. Waiting for your water heater to stop working before you bother to service it will cost you more money than it should. Plus, you run the risk of causing it to breakdown prematurely and without any real warning.
  • Be familiar with the type of water heater you have. Is it powered by electric or natural gas? Is it tankless or not? It also doesn't hurt to know the age and have the model and serial number written down. All of this makes servicing the system much easier, especially in the event of emergency repairs.

We can provide you with plenty of other useful tips, following the installation job. Contact us for all of your water heater service needs in the New Jersey area.

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If you are looking for expert residential water heater service and installation in NJ, then please call us at 973-434-4100 or complete our online request form.