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The water heater you have in your Newark home is probably not something you think about, until there's a problem. Here at Garden State Water Heaters, we think about other people's water heaters every day, so you can feel good knowing we care about yours as much as you do - maybe more.

We try to educate Newark home and business owners on the importance to maintenance for water heaters but know few people take it seriously enough. We would like to stress that, from a professional water heater company's perspective, you can accomplish a lot by keeping up with the maintenance.

For instance, regular upkeep will help you enhance the performance of your unit. Plus, it will ensure that you maximize the lifespan of your system.

Symptoms You May Need a New Water Heater

At some point, the time will come and you'll need a new water heater for your Newark home or business. It's a good idea to know ahead of time what you should be looking for so you can be prepared:

  • One thing is for certain, if you see a leak or water around the water tank, call us. Unfortunately, in most cases, this means you need a new water tank. The sooner you can get that resolved, the better. This is one reason many people prefer a tankless water heater - no messy leaks or flooded basements.
  • The condition of the water makes a difference. Rusty or muddy water is often an indicator that the inside of your tank is beginning to corrode. A flush can often help with this but it may need repairs or replacement. Either way, let our pros take a look so you have a professional assessment.

For optimal results for your Newark water heater, schedule with us today.

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