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Hot Water Heater vs Boiler

water heater vs boiler

A common mistake people make is thinking that a water heater and a boiler are the same thing. Although they ultimately perform the same function, which is providing you with hot water, how they get there is not the same.

Before making the decision for your own home, make sure you have weighed your options. In other words, let our team here at Garden State Water Heaters, help you better comprehend the choices you have.

Which Water Heating System is Right For You?

Although it seems fairly self-explanatory, you'd be surprised to find out what water heaters and boilers really do.

  • You're probably accurate about what water heaters do. It heats water and then sends the water out through the pipes to the intended location. You still have a variety of water heaters to choose from, but they all do relatively the same thing. So, whether it's a tankless system fueled by solar energy or not, it's still in place to heat up water and send it through your pipes.
  • Boilers, on the other hand, don't just heat water, they boil it, converting it to steam. Once this water is turned into steam, it can then be used in a number of ways such as central heating or water heating. This system is generally better for larger areas or bodies of water such as pools.
  • Water heaters are still ideal for smaller spaces. Boilers are more popular and more commonly found in commercial applications.
  • Boilers use a closed loop system that reuses the same water, heating it back up once it has already cooled. It's quicker and easier to heat once it's already been used before. The better use of water and energy makes it the more Eco-friendly choice to make. If you want a greener home, a boiler may be right for you.

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